Best Places to Watch Theater Plays in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home of theater organizations that offers outstanding productions whether it is a small venue or a large one. Professional theater actors are truly amazing – and something that an actor should be proud of. In fact, these actors deserve to be noticed by casting directors as well as agents. Truly, Los Angeles has a huge contribution when it comes to screen – big or small.

this image shows one of the best places to watch theater plays in los angeles

Theather Plays in Los Angeles

Here the best places to watch theater plays in Los Angeles:

The Ahmanson Theatre

The Ahmanson Theatre is located in Downtown, LA – and up to June 24, “Jersey Boys” will be played. Starting August 2, the next show will be “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.” This theater can accommodate a total of 2,000 people.

The Pantages Theatre

The Pantages Theatre is located in Hollywood and this theater can accommodate a huge number of people – 2, 703 to be exact. As of current writing to July 9, “The Book of Mormon” is currently playing, and starting July 16, the next one will be “Hamilton.”

Mark Taper Forum

Mark Taper Forum is located in Downtown, LA and is not a huge theater venue like The Pantages Theater and The Ahmanson Theater. In fact, the venue can only accommodate a total of 739 people. Starting June 28, “Heisenberg” will be played and from September 13, “Head of Passes” will start off.

Wallis Annenberg Center of Performing Arts

Wallis Annenberg Center of Performing Arts can be found in Beverly Hills.… Click Here

Traveling to Sacramento

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California’s capital Sacramento isn’t just the political hub of the country. It has much more to go and watch there. Sacramento is a marvelous city and offers attractions for all ages of people. It’s a natural and most beautiful city in the world and has a packed calendar of different types of events like cultural events, etc. Let’s discuss some top reasons to travel to Sacramento and enjoy.

Explore Sacramento in California

Sacramento is a great city of experiences, and once you travel to this city you will travel again and again. In Old Sacramento, the history of the Gold Rush is revealed for tourists and the railroad arrives here at the Railroad Museum. At the Shutter’s Fort, tourists can put themselves in the first pioneer’s place.

Family attraction for all ages

Sacramento is a beautiful family destination. You can enjoy an extensive range of rides in the Funder Land Park, you can get drenched in the sunshine in the Raging Water, or visit a forest-like Sacramento Zoo. William Land Park is another beautiful zoo you can find over 600 animals that are waiting to meet you there. Sacramento has a lot of attraction for families and people enjoy it a lot at Sacramento. People of all ages love to travel to this city and enjoy great entertainment in this city.

World-class theaters and art galleries

Sacramento is a thriving and huge artistic center. It heads to the main internationally institution like the Crocker Art Museum. The Sacramento Art gallery and studios of Midtown are also located in this city.… Click Here