Adapted by TP&co

Opening Off-Broadway September 5, 2014

Shakespeare's tragic masterpiece provides a heartbreaking glimpse into the mind of a fallen hero, laying bare the "black and deep desires" that are found in even the best of men and women. Vaudeville and burlesque performers transport you back to the excess of the Jazz Age of the 1920s - the era of Prohibition, speakeasy clubs, and "The Charleston.” Eroticism and decadence amplify a bloodthirsty cycle of corruption and betrayal. In this haunting and deadly conspiracy, Macbeth must contend with his conscience when he murders the popular King Duncan. Macbeth climbs to power, but the price is high. Motivated by his ambitious wife and the influence of the mysterious witches whose prophecies guide him toward his destiny, Macbeth discovers that power achieved by bloodshed can only be maintained by more bloodshed.